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bakery lorraine

Brenda TrevinoComment
bakery lorraine

S A L U T!

Comment ça va? Aujourd'hui je veux vous parler un peu de ma temps dans San Antonio.

Quand nous allons à San Antonio nous allons toujours le shopping. ET MANGER!

I'd been wanting to check out Bakery Lorraine, with so many Instagram worthy pics I've been seeing, & finally we came around to it. Getting here was a hustle for us, my dad was being moody & the boys didn't want to get down. Nevertheless, we managed to spot 


as soon as we made our way down the Historic Pearl & ran straight into the Pâtissereie. J'aime les bonbons et du cafê et les macarons aussi. Alors, j'ai acheté un douzaine des macarons. Pardon ma français mais j'ai apprends beaucoup dans ma classe at je pratiquerai. C'est plus difficile de parler que d'ecrit.  

I bought myself a dozen macarons & so did Becky- I was the happiest girl ever. Nothing could've ruined my day other than we had to come straight home. I didn't have enough time to explore The Historic Pearl, which saddened me, but I can not wait to come back on a little girl's trip to wine, dine, & leave no stone unturned. 


f u n  f a c t:

My favorite macaron flavor is 


Yes I need a mani ASAP. No I won't go anytime soon because I have a bad habit. I chew my nails when I'm nervous, anxious, & frusturated, which I've been a whole lot of lately with exams & work. 


Oh, didn't I mention? I'm assistant to the assistant financial aid director at UTRGV. I've been having a lot of fun paving my own way in my little world. Thank you to all my new friends that are teaching me the ropes & make me smile. #goodvibesonly 

Honestly, everyone who's met me has the same opinion over my hair color. They like me better in short, black hair. Mom likes me in short blonde hair. I mean...what's a girl to do. I'm going with black because I need to let my hair rest from all the damage I've done to it. I'm trying not to apply any heat & I'm doing a lot of conditioning treatments. I recently chopped off like 5 inches, too, because those ends were a dead end. What do y'all think? Black, Blonde, or Brown? 




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