Happy February guys, this post will be a little something to touch base on keeping yourself organized. Many of you have probably pledged that this year you resolve to be thinner, or more friendly, etc. - let's make sure you stay on track by keeping all of your goals in check. It's very easy to get lazy after your first month of trying something new, whether it's a diet plan, exercise routine, or sleeping patterns, if your body isn't used to it by now, you weren't doing it right the first 30 days. 

I have always been very good at time management because I have always been a very good planner. It's important that we all keep ourselves in check when you're determined to be successful. By now, you should have already purchased the following to make sure you follow through with your goals. 


I'm really OCD when it comes to planners. I've gone through so many because I take everything into account. It needs to have a cute cover (obviously), I needs to be small enough to fit in my purse/mini backpack, & it has to enough enough day planning. The fist one I bought for my first semester in college was way too big & heavy. I loved how I had an hourly planning space, but there were so many pages, I couldn't carry it any loner. Now, that planner sits on my desk & I use it as desk planner. My recent second semester purchase is the first planner on the second row, kate spade new york | 2016 17-MONTH MEDIUM AGENDA-MULTI | It literally has saved my life. There's a small pocket in the front of the planner, it has monthly tabs, & it fits in all of my purses. Most importantly, I got it on sale! Click on the link & it'll redirect you to the official website to see that it's been marked down from $30 to $25! 



It's not a bad idea to invest in a couple of fun desk accessories if it means it'll keep you on track. A lot of people have this misconception that you need to have already graduated from college to say, "OH, yeah! I have a desk at the office." If you're a high school student, a business woman/man, a stay at home mom, house wife, blogger, or student of life, then you are entitled to your very own desk! Owning a well-organized desk means you take your priorities seriously, that you're not willing to let an important deadline get lost amongst your bills, & that you have your life in check. I'm not saying that you need to go out to Walmart, Target or Z GALLERIE & buy yourself a $400 desk, you can use whatever you have at home. Any small table you find laying around or hit up your local flea markets, I guarantee you'll find a small wooden table or some vintage piece to make it your own. With a couple of new desk accessories, you'll transform that $30 buy into a Pottery Barn photo shoot! lol


Practicality is key. You don't want to get too carried away with making your desk look too pretty and hide away important documents. Use anything transparent to avoid misplacing your papers or receipts, this'll save you time & money. Make sure to label or color code with specific folders or divides. Office Depot, Walmart, Target, Home Goods, TJ MAXX, is really good about selling random tags/folders to use with these racks. I would try to avoid racks with too many prints because once you get your folders & papers set it, it'll look to busy & you'll get frustrated. 


I should probably take my own advice with this one because I haven't got myself my laptop cover, yet! I know, I know, my laptop is naked without any protection whatsoever. Nonetheless, don't pull a Brenda & proTECH your TECH! Anywhere from eBAY, BEST BUY, kate spade, & Walmart can save you from a tech crisis. Fun cases help you remember you forgot something at home. If you're walking into class & don't notice your fuchsia laptop sleeve, you'll make sure the next time you leave home that'll be the fist thing on your list.  


I love, love, love using cosmetic cases and pencil cases to organize my back pack & purses. Seldom do I have my things floating around in there without any organization. If I'm using a transparent case, it'll be for my makeup because I hate digging around for my lipgloss. If I'm using the case for pens & pencils, I'll use KIPLING because of their durability. I have the same pouch a friend gave me in the 10th grade because it's lasted me this long & there's no need for a new one, yet! 


KIPLING IS LIFE. My very first KIPLING was in freshman year. After throwing it around all year, I used it as my carry-on in Europe, then reused it again the beginning of sophomore year. Now, my little sister uses it for tennis practice, & you can imagine how she tosses that thing around on the court. The point is : Yes, KIPLING is a little pricy, but you'll definitely get 5 years out of it. Now, we (my two sisters & I) try to buy at least one KIPLING per year. Our collection has grown over the years, & with it, the memories that each KIPLING holds. Each color has a story, each monkey shares a friend, & as the years go by, we have more memories associated with our little backpacks. My sisters & I always wanted lunch bags from KIPLING, but Mom would say they were too pricy. Last month, we all bought our very own. There was a huge new year sale at the outlets down here, from $50 we got ours $20 each. Basically, we were very excited to finally have matching sets. It's a little embarrassing how excited I get about school accessories, but I don't care. I love anything that'll keep me motivated in school. To all you moms, young high schoolers, dads, sisters, if you want to get your child/yourself a durable backpack, KIPLING is your best bet. They're easy to wash, the color never fades, and the styles remain the same. The only new thing KIPLING will do are seasonal colors, novelty monkeys, and metallic shades. 


Sometimes, the bigger the wallet, the more junk you stuff in it! Keep your student ID, driver's license, & debit/credit cards handy so you won't waist time going through all of your bags. Like always, I've linked the websites to each item listed, these are some of my personal favorites because they're cute & affordable. As always, I hope you enjoyed this post & found it useful for staying organized this year. Love you all very much,