I decided to trade up my little old table for this new treasure mom found at Home Goods! Now I have a nice set up & it matches perfectly with my Darcy chair x Rachel Ashwell. The key to balancing a perfect room is keeping things neutral, clean, & unclustered. I only ever keep my favorite pieces on display, I'll switch things up almost every week because I get inspired by Pinterest or Insta posts, but for the most part it's the same coffee table books.  

Fun desk & stationary is a must. I always have good luck at Home Goods, Pier 1, Target & TJMAXX. I recently purchased the golden puppy tape dispenser & I've been playing with it & the lighting in my room all week. Aside from my tape dispenser, I got a chic stapler that literally matches my Kitchen Aid perfectly! It's not like I keep the Kitchen Aid in my room, but just knowing everything flows lets me feel at ease. 

TORY BURCH sandals are a must, must, must! My favorite style is the Phoebe sandal. I'll do a review of what we purchased later, but let's just say, I wish I could buy 10 more pairs! Coincidently, the bright little boxes look great anywhere I place them. It literally is a great excuse to be just a tad lazy & leave things laying anywhere. 


My bed isn't made & that's okay Brenda! I just finished waking up & the first thing I thought was "Oh my God, this lighting is everything!" I hadn't even brushed my teeth yet & I was already shooting because I didn't want to miss out on a couple of great shots. That's the great thing about Shabby Chic Couture, it looks just as good messy & unrehearsed.