10 Things Every UTRGV Freshman Should Know

10 Things Every UTRGV Freshman Should Know


If you're an entering freshman at UTRGV you may want to read this post because it definitely concerns you.

Over the course of two semesters, I managed to change my major twice, be advised, this is completely normal & you'll probably change your major more than me! I went from a POLS major to a Marketing major from one semester to the next, why? Because I'm not really sure what I want to do after college, all I know is that I'm comfortable talking with people, I'm good at sharing ideas, & I enjoy creating something out of nothing. Here are a couple of things I took after reflected on my 1st year at UTRGV : 

1. Always smile. It doesn't matter if you forgot your scantron in the restroom, or you didn't do your online quiz last night, enter the classroom with a smile. It shows you're not going to let anything get in the way of your day, & you might just brighten someone else's day & be the best of friends ever! 

2. When you meet someone, ask them what their FULL NAME is, in a totally non-creepy way, & then exchange social media info. Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, etc. You'll never know when you'll want to ask them something important for class or if you're hanging out at the union & you want a buddy to chill with.

3. Always check RATE MY PROFESSOR before signing up for a class. I made the BIGGEST mistake of not checking for my POLS class & the professor was so...UGH! I'll share a list of professor I recommend, along with those whom were a big no. no.

4. Keep spare change at the bottom of your purse. Trust me, sometimes your card doesn't go through, or your accounts are frozen, & a girl can't even get a cup of coffee because all she's carrying is plastic. I'd say, definitely keep $4 in change every time you head to campus.

5. Take your own coffee cup & water bottle. I'm an avid coffee drinker, every time I'm on campus, I'll buy at least 2 cups a day, sometime 4 when I'm stressed. I learned that if I take those little reusable Starbucks cups to the Starbucks at the Union, I save around $.75 a serving! That's almost a whole dollar per coffee! I did the math, on average I saved almost $5 a week between semester 1 & semester 2. Might not sound like a lot, but when you're hustling around campus all day, you'll wish you had an extra $5 to spare. Also, take your own water bottles! There are plenty of fountains around campus that are specifically meant to refill your bottles. It's pretty neat actually, every time a student refills their water bottles, the fountain keeps track of how many times we helped save the Earth a little by not consuming more plastic bottles than water. (I think I remember seeing one of those fountains hit in the thousands range!)

6. Always carry spare toiletries. I learned my lesson - never go to school without deodorant, body sprays, hairspray, hair ties, bobby pins, and eyeliner! Since it's so damn hot down here, you literally need to pack your school bag like you're going to the beach, minus the bathing suit! I was the freshman running around all over campus trying to find my class 1 hour before it started, & my professor would get there 1o minutes late! Moral of the story, don't sweat it...literally! Take your time to get to class, walk don't run, unless you want to be tomato faced the whole 50 minutes. 

7. This one ties back in with always carrying spare change. Make sure to always keep a mechanical #2 pencil & plenty of scantrons hidden inside of your planner. Most of the times you'll show up to class expecting a lecture, but they really hit you with those pop quizzes that you weren't ready for. It's not so much that you won't know the content, it's that you didn't stop by the bookstore for scantrons & you get a 0 for that day. I always like to keep extras in my bag so I can help out the kid next to me who looked like they just rolled out of bed. Remember, what goes around comes around!

8. Try to take lunch at least once a week. Your first couple of weeks will be full of unhealthy options like Chik Fil A, pizzas, Chinese food, tacos, etc. At first it's all fun & fries with your friends during lunch, until you realize that Freshman 15 isn't a myth but a real life problem! Pack yourself a salad, a sand which with carrots, or a lot of yummy snacks to fill you up throughout the day. I guarantee you, you WILL gain weight if you don't limit yourself. 

9. Always email your professors & show up to their office hours. Even if you know the answer to a question, drop by & say "Hey Professor, I just stopped by to confirm whether or not you said 'X' during the lecture because the book said 'Y' & I don't know if I'm mistaken." You'll start a conversation & they remember your face the next time they see you in class. & when you do email them, everything should be said in the most proper of forms. Always introduce yourself by full name, class sections, & I like to send my Vaquero ID because they can just look me up on their Black Board grades & let me know if I'm passing or failing. 

10. Don't forget to have fun! It's not attractive to take yourself too seriously. Take a weekend off, go to a basketball game, stop by the REC, eat at Luciano's Pizzeria across from the REC, GO OUT! You'll get overwhelmed if all you try to do is study, study, study! Don't forget to make new friends, break your comfort zone, reach out to people you never thought you'd be friends with. You'll be surprised how many other girls/guys want to go up to each other & spark a conversation but are too shy, don't let that determine potential relationships. It is college after all, look at this is a networking opportunity for long lasting friends! 

Professors you MUST take :

HIST - Michael Ridge, Dr. John Goins 

PHIL - Anderson

ENGL - Miriam Herrera

UNIV - Marcy McQuillen 

CINEMA APP.- Mikolasky 

Professors I WOULDN'T take again :

FREN - Kruer

POLS - Chomsky