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how to prioritize your life

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how to prioritize your life


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First ask yourself, Am I ready to make some major changes in my life? If you hesitated, shrugged your shoulders, or squinted your eyes, and looked off to the side, then we need to change that maybe into a YES! Prioritizing what's most important in your life is scary, why? Because it forces us to sit down, alone in thought, about what's really important to us. So many people can go day by day, not planning for tomorrow. I don't know how these types of people do it, but my respects. I'm a planner. I'm a dreamer. I'm a lister. I need to make lists, mark my calendars (yes, I have more than one) pencil in appointments in my planner, and make reminders all over my room. If you don't train yourself to become a disciplined person, you're never going to progress with your goals. Shady I know. 

My advice to you is the following


 Take the time to make time with yourself. Sit down by your desk, in a quiet room, or on the toilet for all I care! Just sit down with a piece of paper and something to write with, and ask yourself this,

What are my priorities?

It sounds like a very effortless, clear question, but you'll find that the more you think  about it, the harder it becomes to filter through your thoughts. 


Write whatever comes to mind. Even if it's just a word, a doodle, or an incomplete sentence, write SOMETHING down. If you're thinking about it, it's for a reason. Think of this as a little road map to your thought process, your stream of consciousness, if you will. Once an idea pops into your head, it leads to an entire river of thoughts that get you thinking. This is a technique I use when I have writer's block, or when I'm feeling too overwhelmed to blog. I pull out my journal and I begin writing anything, and everything, that comes to mind.  


Now that you've got a couple of words down, it's time to make a list! Mark five of the thoughts you wrote down. Not in a specific order, just mark then with a star, or a check mark. Lets rewrite these five thoughts on the back of your paper. Okay, at this point, you're rewriting and thinking deeper in thought as to how these are most important to you, right? Lets start with the least important of the five. Start with 5, 4, 3, 2, and finally 1. 


More than likely, you're struggling with your top 2, right? You're asking yourself,

Ugh, which is more important? Family or friends? Working to get paid, or studying for class?

Answer honestly. Whatever you think of first, is your true priority. Now that you've filtered through, it's time to reflect. Looking down at your list, Brenda's Priorities 1-5, are you proud of what you listed? Did you list, Finish 13 Reasons Why, as a priority? Playing XBOX with my bro? Going downtown with the girls? I'm not here to judge you, I'm here to force you to ask yourself, am I being productive with my life? We're all granted the same 24 hours a day. We all breath the same air. Some of us may have more privileges than others, but that isn't a justification for submission to failure. Are you proud of what you're prioritizing?


Rethink everything. Now that you've allowed yourself time to self-reflect, rethink what's most important. Our goals are always subject to change, but that doesn't mean you can't pursue the now. Start restructuring what you want to accomplish in life. The way you discipline yourself. How you manage your time. 


Be your own motivation. Don't be afraid to dream. How many times do you think people told Sarah Jessica Parker she'd never get to where she is now? People will always challenge you, it's normal. The real challenge is an internal one. You are your biggest obstacle. Are you going to let your insecurities, your doubts and fears, consume you and your dreams? This is America, people. Anything is possible is you work hard enough. Keep that list with you in your car. Rewrite it in your planner. Type it in your Notes on your phone. Keep it close to your ♡ because I guarantee you, if you can't stop thinking about it, you won't stop working for it. 

xoxo trendy trevi