In 2016 I Will...

In 2016 I Will...

In 2016 I will... 

smile more. I will learn to listen to people before talking about myself. I will stop being afraid of what's good in my life, because I fear it will one day be taken away. I will not regret any thing I do because to regret something is to wish you hadn't learned from it. I've always doubted my passions and desires because I've never thought them to become realities. I have so may dreams and aspirations as a modern day woman, some I never thought attainable for someone like myself. This year is the year I will not let myself stand in my own way.

In 2015, I learned that I have no one else to blame for my consequences but myself. 

I will no longer blame others for my mistakes, or cry about something going wrong because "they made it go wrong" when it was really just me. It's important that we recognize our own mistakes, and own up to the consequences that follow. I know that as a teenager that's probably the hardest thing to acknowledge, recognition. It's time that I recognize that if I did not get something it's because I did not ask for it. It's simple now that I think about it, we just over complicate things because we don't understand how easy it is to be happy. I will stop and think "Will this make me indefinitely happy?" Will I be satisfied with myself after making this decision. Often, we get the whole self-check thing wrong. Yes, we have the right concept to stop and question ourselves, but we ask ourselves the wrong questions. We've been taught to think "What will my mother think? What would my parents think after this? If my grandma were here, what would she have to say?" Thank you society, but I rather not have to check in with the guilt trip meter. This is why so many young people are so confused with themselves. We're always having to satisfy other's needs before our own. We should first take into account our own feelings, because if we don't, then are we really living for ourselves, or are we just living for others? In 2016 I will make myself happy, and not in a self-interested way where my needs come before others and I disregard people's opinions. I will make myself happy by making choices that make me content with myself, that will allow me to stand in front of a mirror and not feel disappointed with who I've become. It's time, no matter where we are or who we're with, we make choices for our own benefit. Let's stop trying to make others happy. Let's stop trying to make others like us by being someone we're not. Let's stop bringing others down for trying to become themselves. Let's stop laughing at people for being different, for trying to make their dreams come true. Let's include God in our decisions everyday. These are a couple of things I've been reminiscing about these past days. I'm ready to go out to the world to do what I've always wanted to do. Don't let another year go by without taking the first step towards your dream. Wake up from whatever mind game you're under and get ready for another 365 days.

In 2016 I will not let myself stand in my own way.

What will you do in 2016?