Packing Tips

Packing Tips



Some people find packing to be extremely overwhelming & a catalyst for family DRAMA! Lets just say, that in this house, I take control of what's getting stuffed into our duffles & suitcases - 100% drama free. Mom always says I over pack & take "fancy" clothes to little trips & such, but it's not really that it's fancy, it's just that I know how to accesorize correctly. It's all in the little bracelets and necklaces I take that make my outfits more fun & summer-friendly. 

Before any trip, I stand by my sisters door & ask her "Hey, so what are you planning on taking tomorrow?" She usually responds with a "Whatever you want, just pack for me" or "I want to wear those shoes mom just bought." After I get some insight on what she's planning in her mind, I make her outfits first, get Becky's approval, then I start making my outfits. I don't always start with what I want to wear - I compromise. I keep everything in the same color scheme so that we can both share our purses, jewelry, & shoes. After that, it's just a matter of who wears what on what days, & can we afford to switch purses for the day so that they still match our shoes or whatever. Mom, Becky & I all wear size 9s, so once I'm done picking Becky's brain, I go over to mom, advise her on what to bring, & fill in the holes of her outfits! LOL At the last minute, she always forgets her watches or earrings, so again, I make sure she coordinates with us so she can pull whatever she wants from the travel cases. 

I roll all of my clothes as tight as possible so that there's enough space to pack everything. Do this & you'll gain a lot of additional room in your duffle bag, backpack, luggage or whatever you're taking. Keep all of your jewelry in one bag. I stick everything in its dust baggies. If your shoes came with their own bags, I advise you keep them in there too! If I'm wearing white clothing, I pack nude undies, nude bras, nude spanx, nude everything! 

xoxo | trendy trevi