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tory burch

Brenda TrevinoComment
tory burch
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I get quite a few questions as so what I recommend as a great first purchase at Tory. If you're going to invest in one staple piece, make sure you reevaluate your wardrobe and narrow down to one specific color that'll match everything. Sandals and wrap bracelets are my favorite pieces to purchase because they make great accessories with any outfit.

My first purchase at Tory: brown leather Phoebe sandals. I love wearing shorts and summer dresses so sandals are a must in my everyday life. 

I love the Miller and Phoebe sandal because they're practical and compliment any outfit. I definitely recommend splurging on any of these styles but be careful as to what color you buy. I have a Phoebe in white and there's a little stain I can not remove. I still use them because it's not that obvious but I'm more cautious with any white pair of shoes I own. 

Also, wrap bracelets look great with dresses, t-shirts and basically any casual looking outfit. Since these are leather, again be very wise with which color you purchase and make sure you store them in their dust bags. If they rub against any other jewelry you have banging around in your purse, they will get damaged. 

When traveling, keep your sandals and wrap bracelets in their dust bags so as to keep them clean and healthy looking.