1 9 2 8     c o l d b r e w

with a shot of {h a z e l n u t}


My little black dress fits like a glove. I'm wearing a size small from Target and it was only $25.

My earrings are studs from lani accesorios & the sunnies are gucci.

My bag and card holder and both tory burch.


"Not a model. These are real women with real results."

What's wrong with this advertisement? It's a loaded statement that dehumanizes models by claiming that they aren't real. I started paying careful attention to how weight loss ads, exercise industries, and fashion marketers label their results as being true because real woman endorse them. Are models not real? Are they not humans, too? This ad is a double-edged sword that's offensive to models whom have worked extremely hard to get to where they're at in their careers. Are Kendall, Gigi, Adrianna, Elle, Chlöe, and other icons not humans? I noticed this trend as soon as bloggers demanded more attention from the fashion industry. They, and I hold myself accountable for doing this, too, label their brands as genuine and unfiltered because they're real women who aren't subjected to the tedious demands of the fashion industry. But, aren't we in fact, still enslaved to the stigma of perfection? We shop trends, follow the It Girls of the world, and work hard to be in the best shape possible. We work out daily, change our eating regimen, slightly obsess over the scale, and are constantly working on creating a better version of ourselves. Doesn't that sound like what a model aspires, too? Can you agree that you, as a woman living in this 21st century, also succumbs to the pressures of attaining perfection just like a model does? Our own, subjective ideas of perfection, that is. Because even though we know that Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, we still seek validation from society to feel beautiful, just as a model would.


But Trendy, why do you care? You're not a model, you're a blogger. My point exactly. I can not dehumanize another woman for playing her role in the fashion industry. Without models, designers wouldn't have muses, and without an exceptional vision of art, our world would be a colorless wasteland with no colors and textures to speak to our souls. Without models, bloggers wouldn't be able to sit front row and admire such beautiful creations of magic. I'm thrilled that marketers and PR agencies are trying to speak to the larger demographic by promoting confidence in oneself, but at what cost?

Instead of ostracizing models by saying they're not real women, lets say,

Not a model, just a really different kind of woman.