Brenda TrevinoComment


Brenda TrevinoComment

Where did you order your YSL from?

I ordered my bag from I found this design on POLYVORE and was led to this site. They're based out of Germany, so I waited up late to call to speak with somebody for nights. I always get nervous ordering from non-official sites, but they checked out. Authenticity cards, dust bag, and proper delivery, everything but the box...but that's okay!  


What is the name of this bag?

YSL Sunset Monogram Small Glitter Shoulder Bag / Pale Pink 


How much did you pay for it?

Originally, it was priced at $1,750, but I scored it for $980. I'd also like to mention that the shipping was extremely fast! I placed my order somewhere near Friday night and my package was waiting for me when I got home from school Tuesday afternoon.


The minute I saw this bag, I knew I needed it. It's so fun, and youthful. I mean, glitter, pink, and Saint Laurent - what an exotic combination. The great thing about it is that the strap is adjustable, so I can use it like a clutch, as shown below. It's the perfect little size for formal and casual occasions. Bear with me if you see this bag all over my feed, I'm just screaming on the inside right now.



U N I C O R N     M A C A R O N S


Thank you for creating pure magic

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