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Brenda TrevinoComment


This year was a pretty calm year in terms of holiday parties. I only had three to go to and they were all pretty fun. My boyfriend and I hadn't seen each other in a week so I brought him to one of them. I'm not BIG on giving and receiving Christmas presents because I much prefer good food, good music and good company. 

Christmas is a time to enjoy family and remember the birth of Jesus Christ. Don't get me wrong, I love receiving presents, but when I see families struggling financially because they don't meet their children's demands or spoiled kids yelling and their parents to buy them an XBOX or new iPad, I'm just like,

Dude, that's not what Christmas is about.

It breaks my heart to see traditions being lost and families fighting over who received more presents or who got a more expensive toy. It's honestly a little overwhelming to see people worrying about whether or not their friends and family are going to like what they bought them. Call me old-fashioned, but food, music, movies, games, family, coffee, health and love is more important. 

This Christmas I'm thankful to God for my family's health and well being. For having a roof under my head and food on the table. For not having anyone dying in the hospital. Also, this was my and my boyfriend's first Christmas together, so that's something special to cherish. 

There was a little sad cloud this Christmas because our baby puppy, Wolfie, passed away the night before Christmas Eve. We burried him next to my window and all said our goodbyes. I will forever love you Wolfie (a.k.a. Blackie Chan) and we all wish you a Merry Christmas up in Doggy Heaven.