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the brenda bomber

Brenda TrevinoComment
the brenda bomber

I've never had anything named after me, imagine my shock when I received a message from

The Style Union's Co-owner, Alexa Carranca,

that they received a new piece and decided to name it the Brenda Bomber

Priced at only $54, this is definitely a spring staple every fashion enthusiast needs in her closet. Seldom do I buy bombers for three reasons. The first, if the fabric is too heavy, I can't wear it in this heat. I'd be walking around town in my own private heater. The second, I feel fat wearing bombers because of their structure. I have a broad back and wide shoulders, so I try to wear pieces that are more flattering to my figure. I like my outfits to have movement, more flowy and flirty. That's why I've been hesitant to buy a bomber at all. Finally, the third reason why I haven't jumped on the bandwagon, is because I hadn't found a bomber in the perfect shades. Again, my idea of the perfect shades consists of pastels and pinks. I found, maybe one or two, online on ASOS and Storets, but nothing that truly convinced me.

bomb·er jack·et

/ˈbämər ˈjakət/



a short jacket similar to a flight jacket, but with a thick lining typically of sheepskin.


I paired my new Brenda Bomber with a gold-pleated skirt from Francisca Showroom,

a simple white tee from GAP, Puma's from Neiman Marcus,

a pink Kate Spade handbag,

and finally, my new jewels from Lani Accesorios. 


Honestly, everything inspired this look. From outfits that I've seen on Pinterest, NYFW, fashion shots by Bill Cunningham, Aimee Song's new book, Capture Your Style, and my own pieces from my armoire. I like mixing it up, I don't discourage revisiting old pieces that made you feel giddy on in the inside. Notice, I'll reuse one piece over and over again until I'm tired of it. I'll ask myself,

If I love it now, will I love it later?

Even though my girlish style has been consistent throughout the course of my life, I'd like the option of switching up who I'd like to be. When I put on an outfit, I am wearing a role. I decide who I want to be for that day. I dress for the roles I want in life, not the ones I have. If yesterday I wore slacks, a blazer, and my lucky white button down, then I'm demanding to be taken seriously by those around me. I kid you not, often, people assume I know what I'm doing, because I play the role that I do know what I'm doing; but the secret is, it's all in the clothes. If today I'm wearing distressed jeans, a plain white t-shirt, my oversized reading glasses, and my Fjallraven Kånken backpack, then I'm the dork in class, who sits in the front, with a Venti double shot. Beware of my nerdy, competitive side, I take myself seriously in there. But if tomorrow you catch me wearing this ensemble, you know I'm channelling my inner Marie Antoinette, who's having a fabulous day, and nothing, nor anyone will kill my vibe. 


Currently wearing the Trendy Trevi Cuff on my wrist and Mint & Sparkle Statement Necklace around my neck.

If you use the code: TRENDYTREVI you'll receive an additional 15% off your entire purchase for an entire month. Ladies, take advantage of this offer because Lani Acessorios just received a brand new shipment for spring. I'm loving the new floral studs & statement necklaces. They're head-turners and y'all know how much I love a dynamic look. When I was pairing this outfit, I was wondering if the necklace was a little too much, but then I thought too much is never enough.


If your outfit's already dynamic as it is, pull your hair back for a more care free look. Something that says, I just woke up and threw this on, didn't think twice about it, and we're here now. Tousled waves are sexy and young. I love having pieces of hair frame my face while I make it through my day. I'm in between the lines of bed head hair and beach waves. Remember, a girl's secret to a successful look is to look effortless. You don't want people to look at you and think, Wow! She's trying too, too hard. 


(psst...all the photos are linked!)