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Where to Eat in the RGV

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Where to Eat in the RGV

Yeah, if you're looking at this section of my blog and you haven't eaten anything all day, I'd highly recommend you get off right now!!! This is my RGV-FOODIE-alter-ego-picture-taking side. 

My family and I love trying new things, but we often stick to the places we know because they're worth going back to. Recently, we discovered a new burger joint in Alamo, TX called Tower Burger Co. I definitely recommend going with your family to try out some fries, grilled cheese sandwhiches, and burgers - I know I'll be there again!

I'm really big on supporting local business and I try staying away from big name restaurants if there's no need to go. I like that sense of unity when local people support others in their area by leaving their business and clientele. I've been going to Happiness cupcakes for around two years now, and every time I climb up those little stairs in that sky blue house, I know I'll walk out with a peace of mind that their little treasures will never fail me. My favorite flavor of cupcake is RED VELVET. I can never get enough of its creamy frosting and that color, I mean just wow! If you're a RED VELVET fanatic, like my obvious self, I recommend trying their JUMBO size. It'll be the best $3.50 you spend all day. When it comes to the Corner Bakery I can eat almost everything. However, if you're going for lunch and your wallet's a little tight, then I recommend ordering their Corner Combos. You can match any two sandwhiches, soups, pastas, and salads for a deliciously reasonable price. I usually order the Chicken Pesto on Ciabatta Ficelle or Chicken Pomodori on Sourdough and pair it with either a Broccolli Soup or Roasted Tomato Basil Soup. Try to avoid fountain drinks as much as possible. If you can try their hibiscus lemonade and sweet tea then don't be a cheater and do, it'll top your entire lunch off!!! If you're new to the Bakery (I usually don't say the entire name so if I mention Bakery it'll most likely be the Corner Bakery) then it's menu will be intimidating. Don't worry people, just follow their Corner Combos and you'll do just fine. Food is always fun and should always be especially fun when sharing time with loved ones. Don't ever forget to try new things, make memories while doing so, and take shameless food pics wile you're at it!

Here's a list of some of my TOP places to eat:

1. Wallbangers 

2. The Corner Bakery 

3. Happiness Cupcakes

4. Ben & Jerry's

5. Cheddar's

6. Tower Burger Co.

If you know of any other cool places that serve fries, coffee, ice cream, sandwiches, and burgers let me know so that we can check them out!!!


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