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tower burger co

Brenda TrevinoComment
tower burger co

Be There or Be square

T O W E R   B U R G E R   C O 

N E W   T O   T H E   M E N U ?

Rest assured, you'll be delighted with your selection of homemade, hand cut, Idaho fries, juicy bacon burgers, and a bubbly coke to top off your carb loaded meal. 

What I ordered:

-Loaded fries 

includes: bacon bits, scallions, crema, & cheese sauce


-bacon cheese

includes: two large strips of bacon, 100% angus patty, american cheese, lettuce, tomato, pickles, & onion


flavor: original (8)





At first glance, you think you're so hungry you'll need to order a second batch of loaded fries, but mid-meal, I had to take little break and readjust my pants! The best part were the ALITAS - they had such a light, crispy, flavor, they nearly melted instantaneously. 

next time I will order. . . 

Brown Sugar Bourbon Alitas, Onion Strings, and the infamous Seximexi. I really wanted to try the seximexi burger the first time around, but being a little shy with the menu, I stuck with my american direction and went for the all-american classic bacon burger.