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jitterz coffee bar

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jitterz coffee bar




tailor something to suit the individual

Two Thousand and Seventeen

- The year I individualize

I vow to not tailor myself for others, but to alter something to suit my needs. 

Too superficial?

I could care less. 

I'm over meeting other's expectations. No one is ever satisfied anyways.

Get educated, they say.

"She's too damn smart."

Get skinny, they say.

"There's nothing to grab."

You shouldn't use makeup, they say.

"What the f*ck is up with her face?"

You shouldn't wear brands, they say.

"She's obviously too poor to buy it."

You should go blonde, they say.

"What a fake, you're a brunnette."

If I had a dollar for every contradiction I've endured in Two Thousand and Sixteen, I'd be a millionaire. 

It's not fair, it's not right, it's unacceptable. 

I'm not just advocating for Females, Males have their say in this messed up stigma, too.

It doesn't sit right with me when I see Females scrutinize Males just because he doesn't drive a sports car, or isn't wearing joggers, or doesn't have a six pack. Oh, you're wearing glasses and have braces? God forbid you even consider having a girlfriend in college. Who'd date that loser face? 

These are actual hurtful words I've heard walking around univ.,

I'd just like to clarify- 

I do not judge you if you're pants are too short

If you have to take the bus home because your parents couldn't buy you a car straight out of High School 

I do not care if you're wearing a Rolex or a Walmart waterproof watch

If you have pimples, or dimples, or freckles

You don't rock a fade? That's fine by me

I urge everyone to feel beautiful in your own skin. 

Stop obsessing over insignificant, meager details that have no true impact.


Here are just five items on their menu that Mom and I really enjoyed. Thank you to the owners for letting us take pictures in your coffee bar, it was really generous of you. Your service was great, the atmosphere was cozy, Denny the barista was a sweetheart. I don't a single grow to rate y'all on. Thank you to one of the owners, Gabriel Song, for walking us through your menu- your knowledge was insightful. 

xx TT


Mom's favorite, the Spicy Cortado. Delicately crafted by the baristas at JITTERZ, this fiery beverage tickled my tongue as I enjoyed every last drop. I'm not embarrassed to admit I enjoyed licking the rim of my glass along with my fingers after dipping into the beautifully decorated plate. The presentation on this drink deserves some kind of award. I remember trying my first Cortado in Barcelona, España. I can honestly say, this is the closest I'll ever get to trying anything remotely similar to an authentic Spanish Cortado in the Rio Grande Valley. 


Look at me, all smiles and joy. I had to get two biscottis because Mom was being a little stingy with hers. She didn't want to share, and after trying it, I don't blame her. If y'all know me at all, then it's no secret I live off of caffeine and breakfast pastries/desserts. Two thumbs up!


Un cappuccino s'il vous plait. Me in Paris, because at that time that's all the french you could get out of me! Fell in love with this delicacy. If you want something a little stronger, not too sweet, not too bitter, this cappuccino won't disappoint. Don't be alarmed, the shot-looking glass doesn't contain alcohol! It's an itty bitty glass of Topo Chico Agua Mineral to help cleanse your palate after satisfying your caffeine thirst.


Can't go wrong with trying any coffee house's House Brew. I enjoyed mine black, to really experience it's richness. I know technically all coffee should be drank black, us Americans always butcher the originality of such things, I admit to adding sugar and cream to my cup of Joe, but not this one. It's so decadent it needs nothing else but an open mind, and open palate. 


My personal favorite, the Hazelnut Latte. As much as I need the caffeine to keep me awake, I love sweet drinks, too. I thought this picture was Instagram gold after we took it. I mean, c'mon, the Latte leaf, the pleated skirt, and the Gucci pumps, what else can a girl ask for, right? Five Stars from Trendy Trevi. Rest assured I'll be back to do more damage, soon. 

Merci Beaucoup Jiiterz!



xx t r e n d y t r e v i