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D E P R E S S O is a no, no :

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Let's end this month with a promise to try something new. Whether it's a Starbucks or a Moonbeans, get out of your same rut & try something new. When you emerge into the world of coffee, it's not always a black & white conversation. There are so many factors that go into brewing a good cup of Joe & so many ways to order. 

My love for coffee goes all the way back to my childhood days in Mexico. My sister, & cousins, & I would spend the best weeks of our childhood with my grandma Antonia in her little house in Mexico. We would spend hours playing outside with our neighbors, I remember running around the street playing hide & seek with all the kids on the street & getting so dirty with all of the dirt we played in. We didn't have much to play with other than a soccer ball, a couple of my American Barbies we would take over, & some marbles; but we didn't care, we were the happiest little kids in the world. At the end of every day, we would all go back to our houses, shower, change into fresh clothes & would wait until after the sun set to go back outside, again. Then, my grandma would have dinner ready. Pan dulce, cafe de la olla, & tacos. Translation, sweet bread, Mexican-style coffee, & tacos (there's really no other way to say it) lol. There we were, all of the cousins gathered around abuelita's table, freshly showered, & as happy as can be with our little cups of coffee. Honestly, I can't remember how young I was when I had my first cup. All I know is the bitter smell of abuelita's coffee, the sweetness of our bread, & that soapy indication that we'd just showered. Today, we can't visit grandma in Mexico anymore because it's too violent. Nonetheless, she'll come over to our house & make us coffee like if it were 2003. I have my grandma to thank for making me shy of an addict to coffee.

I like the idea that no matter how poor or how rich one is, we share a mutual bond for the love of coffee. 

Over the years, it's become a habit, a routine to have a cup in my hand every morning. Like a smoker who can't leave without his pack, I always need to have my tumblr on my desk at school, or a cozy mug by my bed on the weekends. I'm a collector of coffee cups, mugs, tumblrs, & anything else I can pour that little black liquid into. Here are just a few of my favorite pieces that you can have too. As usual, each picture is linked to the direct site you can purchase them from. 

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For when you're on the go :

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For when your coffee is iced : 

For when you don't want to leave a wet ring on the table :


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