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Brenda TrevinoComment

My typical coffee + wallet + sunnies picture. 

Often you guys see me Snap or post a picture on Instagram of my breakfast. One thing to know about me: I love breakfast! I can eat pancakes, waffles, croissants, oatmeal, cereals, and coffee at any time in the day. I am aware that there are lots of sweet treats and pastries in these pictures, but these portions are nothing compared to what we usually want to eat for breakfast on a daily basis. When adding sugar to my coffee I usually use brown sugar, because it gets sweet with less and it is natural.  I usually avoid eating a heavy breakfast too early in the day because I like the feeling of still having options for lunch. 

To all you high schoolers out there, I encourage you to watch what you eat! Don't just open your eyes, put on your uniform, and swallow an entire taco with a coke if you're not even hungry. I gained a lot of weight like that when I was younger. I was always in a rush the night before doing homework that I'd forget to pack healthy snacks and lunch for the following day. My advice is to keep STICKY NOTES on your fridge to remind yourself to eat healthy. Stay away from TAKIS, Hot Cheetos, Ramen Noodles, chocolate bars, and Coke! 

Yes I know, that's impossible. I still eat most of those horribly delicious things but only once every other week. If you're a beginner, try going 2 days without consuming any and all junk food. Quit cold turkey and you'll notice a difference in your weight, skin, and attitude. After the first 2 days try going 4 days with out junk food, then 6 and so on and so forth until you start focussing on what really matters: YOU! 

It's all mental girls/guys, we can do it together. Encourage your family to have a small breakfast, eat lots of healthy snacks, and avoid drinking coke. If I did it you can do it. 

I hope you enjoyed my tips on cutting back on the unhealthy junk.