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Brenda TrevinoComment

Like most teenagers, I've always had very sensitive skin, & it wouldn't help that I would poke at my pimples even when Mom told me not to. My skin isn't just oily or dry, it's a little bit of both all over the place. Somedays I'll wake up with little blots of oil all over my nose & my cheeks really dry. When I was in middle school, Mom had to take me to a dermatologist in Mexico to get help with early signs of acne. Years later, I still struggle with annoying red dots that'll appear on my face when I eat too much sugars or when I'm too stressed. 

In High School, I was always really stressed with friends, school work, & my extra curricular activities. I didn't do much exercise, only the bare minimal I could squeeze in on the weekends like Zumba or Cycling. Also, it didn't help that I would drink coffee with a lot of sugar & cream. So far, my skin has been the worst while I was in high school. I can always tell I'm stressing out way too much when I start seeing red dots all over my forehead.

This is something I've always had to deal with, & it's very embarrassing. I hated that I couldn't control acne, pimples, blemishes & every other unwelcoming visitor on my face (& to top it off, I had braces all throughout middle school & high school & I needed glasses!!!!!) Imagine little Trendy Trevi running around campus looking like Ugly Betty. I was always so insecure about beauty & boys because I never truly felt beautiful. I always envied the other girls who could go about school looking like little princesses, all the while I was in the middle school band, with my saxophone, glasses, braces, & pimples. I know, my early life sounds like a Taylor Swift music video, I guess that's why she's been my hero ever since. To all you young girls out there who are dealing with bullying & insecurity issues, take my word for it;

it's hard but it'll get better. 

I know how you feel because I was exactly in your shoes. I never had boys telling me they liked me, I was a very chubby girl who lacked hand-eye coordination, I was never on the A team & I never liked how I looked. The only thing I had going for myself was that I was smart. I was in band, in middle school I was on the Super Minds Team who was also named the Spelling Bee Champion, & in high school my track record was pretty much the same. I was a 3 year Junior Statesman of America member, Student Council Representative, & kept my grades up in a very difficult program. Just keep in mind girls, that it's not about how you look, it's about how you feel. Don't let others make you feel like less because you're not as pretty as them. God created all of us differently for a reason, because we all have something unique to bring to this world. Maybe, just maybe, if you weren't as cute growing up (like myself) it's because you were meant to serve as a role model for other young girls who are going through the same thing. 


I  definitely recommend using this CLARASONIC to help with deep pore cleansing. 

Make sure to always use cotton balls & q tips when removing makeup & dirt from your face. Every night before you sleep, wash your face with lukewarm water, use your Clarasonic with a face wash, & pat dry your face with clean tissues. 


We've been using O R I G I N S products for as long as I can remember. Mom would always stop by Macy's (then Foley's) with the same woman who she's purchased O R I G I N S from. If you live in the RGV, go to Dillard's at La Plaza Mall & ask for Michelle at the O R I G I N S counter. She's the sweetest, Michelle always delivers with her product knowledge & I can always trust any creams, masks, & makeup she recommends. Every year, I get older & she gets younger with all of her creams & O R I G I N S makeup she uses. The cool thing about Michelle is that she's seen me grow throughout the years. From riding in my stroller to pleading her to help me with my prom makeup, she's always been that person who you suddenly become so happy to see every couple of months. If you're a teenager with oily skin, I highly recommend using this face mask. When I notice my skin feeling OILY, I use the Out of Trouble | 10 MINUTE MASK TO RESCUE PROBLEM SKIN

Since all skins are unique, everyone is a case by case scenario when it comes to treatments. If you're new to the O R I G I N S line, call ahead to the counter at Dillard's in La Plaza Mall, ask for Michelle & say Brenda Treviño referred you. Set a day with her to go in, so you can have a chat about what's been bothering you. Here's a quick little


When browsing Dillard's, stop by all the counters, & ask for samples! I never come home empty handed when it's time for me to restock. Hey, when a girl wants to look fabulous, but is on a budget, she has to make it work for her. There's no shame in wanting to get your hands on some free goodies if you're going to spend a fortune on it later.