My experience with the Dior makeup artists has been more than what we expected. We've always shopped at Dillard's but for some reason, we passed through the Macy's counters to cut through some traffic & ended up at the Chanel counter. Just to give you an idea, Mom & I didn't look cute...I mean at all! I was all sweaty & gross, still in my work out clothes, messy bun, not in a cute way, & yes, I was sweaty, sweaty, sweaty. The only reason why we passed through Macy's was because we were on our way to PINK to get in on the $35 outfit. lol

Point of the matter is that we were looking around at Chanel's makeup & no one wanted to help us out. I mean, it probably had something to do with us looking sloppy, but seriously, y'all shouldn't profile potential clients because..."BIG MISTAKE" -Julia Roberts, Pretty Woman. We ended up setting an appointment for the following weekend to come in & get our makeup done to see what it was that we needed - no one showed up. I mean seriously, how unprofessional! We were obviously very upset & I was walking around the mall without any makeup on, in desperate need of some profesh help. Naturally, we ended up where we're the most comfortable, which was Dillard's. I approached the Chanel counter there & again, no one seemed to take an interest in me. It wasn't until the genuine ladies at the Dior counter saw me desperately seeking for some help, that they approached me and immediately sat me down. Moral of the story is, stick to what you know & always stay positive. haha 

Doris took her time with my mom & I, she showed us what was what & really succeeded in introducing us to the line. Literally, we took about 2 1/2 hours asking questions, testing out different products, chatting about Christian & whatever. I think we would've been the best of friends if we were the same age, she's way older than us but let me tell you, Doris looked like a 27 year old gal with that doll face of hers. She really exemplified timeless beauty with her elegance & graceful laugh. Thanks a million to our new friend at Dior, Doris, for taking us in in a time of desperation. 

I wanted to go for a natural look, like always, but I wanted my makeup to look more matte & less oily. We started with a clean face, no make up & no idea what to expect. After applying a layer of detoxifying serum & a super awesome primer, we applied DIORSKIN FOREVER - Perfect Makeup Everlasting Wear Pore-Refining Effect with Sunscreen - SPF 35. It's a mouth full, Doris picked it out & applied 1 - 2 pumps to my face.  


If you use a sponge to apply your makeup, do yourself a favor & THROW IT AWAY! Using a makeup sponge only makes you go through your makeup 2 times faster than when you use a brush. 

After the first layer of makeup, I expressed my concern for my dark circles under my eyes. We used a concealer to hide those little suckers & finished with Powder N 020.  Moving onto the eyebrows, the same one listed below is the one I used & love, love, love it. 


When filling in your eyebrows, never start from the bottom of the eyebrow. Always, always, always fill in eyebrows from the top to open up your eyes. 

After that, all I needed was mascara & some blush to seal the look. I was more that happy with the final result! I walked around all day, sweat a bit, ran in the rain, & my makeup was still on fleek. Oh wait, no I'm lying! We're not just done, yet! We still need the lips. For lips, start with Dior Addict Lip Glow N 001 & then Lip Maximizer Collagen . Basically, other than that your look is complete. 


Again, ask for Doris at the Dior counter at Dillard's!

xoxo | trendy trevi