Brenda TrevinoComment


Brenda TrevinoComment

Hello ladies, & happy Spring! As seasons change, so does the attitude of our hair. It's such a drag transitioning from climate to climate because my hair gets dry, frizzy, brittle, & definitely not cute! I've been trying out some products & I thought I'd share these 


with y'all so you can know what's working. I do, however, have to be extremely careful with the kinds of products Im using because my hair was totally ruined by those stylists at JCP (Weslaco). I couldn't be more upset right now, I've been wearing my hair in buns, ponytails & resulting to headbands ever since the incident. It's very important to keep your hair hydrated, regardless if stylists damaged it, you might think you're in the safe, but you can never be too sure. 


I apply this ARGAN MAGIC hair oil to keep my roots, ends, & everything in between protected! I found this little treasure at Marshall's, hopefully you ladies can make it down there to find one for yourself. Click [HERE] to shop this ARGAN MAGIC INTENSIVE HAIR OIL. 

I also use these :


These are great for keeping my hair soft & smelling like I just came back from SPI. Also, I know the MINA Conditioner says you're supposed to rinse it out, but I keep it on for around 15 minutes (to make sure my hair is deeply saturated) then, I rinse it off with warm water. 

I found this set at Marshall's, it is all we've been using lately! Definitely recommend these products because I've gotten great results thus far. I love anything coconut, thank the Lord these are coconut scented. 


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