Once at a sleepover, I washed off the long night with a cold, cold shower & my friend was like "hey when are you showering because I'm next?" I responded, "dude, I already showered!" He couldn't believe that I looked the same without make up because everyone else looked like a completely different person after showering.

I think that must've been the greatest compliment to this day. 

I'm not saying there's a complete lack of change, but for the most part, I still look like Brenda before and after applying my products. I see girls at this gym who go in with their faces fully done. I honestly don't understand why they have to wear so much. I get filling in your brows a bit, or maybe the occasional waterproof mascara, but c'mon, countour & highlight & all? Call me old-fashioned but I go naked-faced, french braided, and with iPod shuffle to work out! Same for some of the bloggers I follow on snapchat. They walk us through their morning routines, most go for runs at their nearest parks, or yoga sessions, or hip hop classes, & I'm like "are y'all serious or is this an ad?" They're wearing eyelashes, lipliner, eyeshadow...the whole shabang! If I sweat just one bit with makeup on, I look like the Wicked Witch from the West. How do they do it? I hate it when boys say "On the first date, I'm taking her to the pool to see how she really looks." I'm all for doing what makes you happy, but c'mon, lets not give boys a motive to make fun of us by excessively over doing it! 

Since it's always burning down here, it's very common for me to sweat on the daily. I like sweating, it feels good, but I don't always like sweating when I know it's time to go out & my makeup needs to stay put for a while. That's why I'm so happy to have turned over a new beauty leaf when I met Doris from the Dior counter at Dillard's (try saying that ten times in a row.) We took forever tying on what suited me best for the summer & the money was totally worth it. The thing about a lot of makeup is that it just covers up imperfections. Not Dior. All of Dior makeup is infused with rejuvenating serums that not only hydrate & moisturize, but simultaneously tighten & restore my skin. 

These shots were captured by my assistant/sister, outside of our home at sunset. The temperature was a scorching 100 degrees fahrenheit, & as you can see, my face was still in tact. Take note people, my face isn't melting away, it looks great outside at an unbearable temp. & even better inside. 

xoxo | trendy trevi